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Tanima Carnival Christmas 2016



cropped-logo1b-1024x373Since 1982, the mission of the Tanima Organization is to maintain the youth in our community engaged in cultural activities. Our activities serve as tools for their education, bringing them closer to their roots , awareness in their environment and teaching them to feel proud of their heritage and uplift their self-esteem. The activities offered at Tanima, support our youth by creating a positive environment in which they can forgo a better future by becoming productive members of any community they choose to become apart of as they reach adulthood. Our organization provides the opportunity for our young people as well as adults to enroll in a variety of classes, such as dancing, singing and modeling. They also perform in various community activities, broadway shows with Tina Thompson the Skin Dance Company, parades and festival.

Tanima Staff

Nereida Medina

Founder and Executive Director

Glenda Orozco

Salsa Instructor

Jessica Morales

Hip Hop, Modeling and Ballet Instructor

Tanima Classes

Enjoy a mix of African, jazz and cultural influences with a touch of theatrics and acting.

Learn the basics of ballet with posture and poise.

A fusion of Mambo, Cha Cha and Bachata that will get your body moving and your feet grooving.

Not the average runway walk. Learn to walk in motion and pose in your own way.